team tathuta

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I went at the initiation of this year.
It was opened in the wing stadium in Kobe.
I was able to meet a dear companion.
I want to grow up early.

A happy new year!

A happy new year!!
I wanted to live a life of ease on New year's Day.
But...I worked part time job.
A cafe is very crowded all day long.
I worked hard from morning till night.
I was very tired...

A Happy Late New Year

Happy New Year!!!!
My ambition of this year.
1.Early to bed and early to rise.
2.I want to study a lot.
3.I want to read many book.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I hate test.....
It will be a test tomorrow.
The test at the first term was too suitable.

Final test!

We are going to have the final English test tomorrow!
So I am studying English hard now.
I feel anxious about the final test.
If I cannot answer the questions・・・
I will fail my test in English.

I will do my best!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My dream

I want to talk about my dream this time.
I belong to the department of commercial science of Kansai University now.
Because I wanted to find a job in a business firm and a brokerage firm in the future, I entered the department of commercial science.
I hear that a business firm and a brokerage firm are very busy.
However, I think that a busy thing is happy.
Because I feel that oneself is demanded by other people.
And I marry a beautiful wife and want to walk the life with a dear child.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Hello!It is pretty cold recently,isn't it?
I can never do without a gas heater.

By the way,today(8,December)is deadline for seminar recruitment.
I'm in Proffecer 'Yoshida Pre-seminar'
'Pre-seminar' means practice seminar.
I haven't made up my mind yet what to do about seminar.


Now,I am in the colloquium .
The content of the colloquium is M&A.
M&A is very very interesting!!!
It is happy to know the unknown thing.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Part-time Job

Today I am going to speak about my parttime job.
I work as a waitar and cook.
I work for 'Kakura' which is cafe and coffee shop.
It do good business recently,so I'm very busy.
I usually work 7hours a day.(from 18p,m to 1a,m)
If I must get up early , it is diffucult to get up early!
I work hard to be in time for the first period.

I love travel

I went for a trip so far in Hokkaido and Okinawa and Hiroshima and Tokushima or Nagasaki.
I always go with six people and borrow a car locally.
And I go to history buildings such as castles and go to a theme park.
The clean sea of Okinawa was left in an impression, and the ski which was Hokkaido was interesting.
And I learned degree of fear of war in Hiroshima and experienced nature in Tokushima and was impressed by scenery of Nagasaki.
I want to go to various places for a trip from now on.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

English mail

I want to be able to speaking English.
So, I contacted high school English teacher .
"What study method of me is good?"
Teacher say:::::
"First,You had better read Western book in the train without dictionary.For example harry potter."
"Second, You had better read aloud in your house"
"Finally,you had better communicate with foreigner."
I think... That makes a lot of sense!!!!
I think... Engulish blog is very effective way!!
do my best.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I have no motivation.

I like "kotatsu"
Japanese winter is very cold.
Then, kotatsu is very useful.
But, I cannot go out of the kotatsu.
I am in the kotatsu all day long.